Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walt Disney's Heralded Bear Country

07.12.11 - Walt Disney's Academy® Award-winning True-Life Adventure, Bear Country is an exciting portrait of wilderness world.

The adjustments of animal life, large and small, savage and timid, as they are found in the western wilds of the United States, give meaning and excitement to Walt Disney's Academy® Award-winning True-Life Adventure, Bear Country, a Technicolor featurette.

The lion and the lamb have never lain down together. It's against nature. But there is strange fellowship and tolerance in the aboriginal wilderness where many species of beast and bird work out their destiny together in close proximity and competition for survival.

While the major wildlife drama in Disney's fascinating film is devoted to the North American black bear and his family affairs, many other creatures, bird and beast, are seen in the spectacular camera records of Alfred and Elma Milotte, James R. Simon and Tom McHugh.

Interspersed with scenes of violent bruin courtship, of discipline and training of the young, of prowling for food and comical antic in the black bear's private and social life, are revealing glimpses of squirrels, of hunting birds and fleeing mice, of an encounter between curious little bear cubs and helpless little coyote puppies. There are scenes of a startled rattlesnake whipping into defensive coil, of "gophers and other little earth dwellers, of a slinking mountain lion on the hunt, of marmot in a whistled greeting to spring, a gangling, young moose, hawk and swan and creatures of the air and mountain cliffs.

Bear Country looks at this interrelated life with unadorned realism to discover its wondrous patterns in the every-day life and death concerns of creation in operation. Magnificent beauty of forest and mountain in remote regions of Montana and Wyoming is an integral part of the wildlife it harbors for this impressive chapter in the much-honored True- Life Adventure series of natural subjects, released by Buena Vista.
From the original 1953 Bear Country press materials.

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