Monday, August 23, 2010

Tom Nabbe - The Luckiest Boy in the World

Today, June 22, 1968, Disneyland's Cast Members Tom and Janice Nabbe are married. Tom's career started when he was just 12-years-old - as the park's first Tom Sawyer. (He will transfer to Walt Disney World in Orlando as part of its opening crew in 1971, and later be named a Disney Legend.)

This is his amazing history!

The last time Tom Nabbe paid to get into a Disney Park, it was July 18, 1955 — the first day Walt Disney opened his new Park to the public.

Tom was a rusty-haired 12-year-old, enjoying his day at Disneyland. The very next day he landed a job as a “newsie,” hawking “The Disneyland News” to Main Street Guests.

In 1956, Walt Disney recognized the “Tom Sawyer” in a young Nabbe, and he became the “Luckiest Boy in the World.” That’s what the cover of  the April 7, 1957 issue of “Parade” magazine said, beneath a full-color
photo of Tom dressed as Mark Twain’s paragon of American boyhood.

“I used to approach Walt every time I saw him around the Park,” Tom said of his yearlong pursuit of Disney and the starring role on Tom Sawyer Island.

Disney’s first response to Tom was “Why should I put you on the island when I can put a mannequin there? Especially considering the dummy won’t be running off for hot dogs every half-hour.”

Disney, quoted in the “Parade” article, had a somewhat more gracious recollection: ” He was friendly and bright — and he sure looked the part.” One job requirement was that Tom had to keep a C average in school. So every quarter, the boy brought his report card directly to Walt for inspection. It was perhaps the hardest part of playing the character.

After outgrowing the role of Tom Sawyer, Nabbe went on to manage other attractions. In 1964, he met his wife, Janice, while they were working together at Frontierland’s Oak Tavern at Disneyland. They were married on June 22, 1968.

In 1971, Tom was transferred to Walt Disney World in Orlando as part of its opening crew, where he started as the Transportation Supervisor for the Monorail System. He also helped in the opening of Disneyland

Forty-eight years later, in June 2003, 60-year-old Tom retired from his job as manager of distribution services at Walt Disney World. He was the last working member of Club 55, a group of original Disneyland Cast
Members named for Disneyland’s inaugural year and for their chief qualification of membership — a paycheck from Walt Disney dated 1955.

Shortly after his retirement, Tom received the highly selective honor of having his name on one of the windows down Main Street at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

In September 2005, he was inducted as a Disney Legend during a ceremony that took place at Disneyland. His wife Janice and son Ken were in attendance as he received this honor. Since then, he has spoken at
numerous Disney enthusiast events, telling of his experiences as the “Luckiest Boy in the World”.

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