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1958 - Summertime at Disneyland - The Columbia 1790 sailing ship in Frontierland and Alice in Wonderland for Fantasyland

05.08.11 - The diversified Summer season at Disneyland gets under way in early June, when Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom will unveil two more spectacular new attractions, the Columbia 1790 sailing ship in Frontierland and Alice in Wonderland for Fantasyland.

Then, with bands playing, fireworks cascading a shower of color, and a wide variety of entertainment added to the popular attractions in the Park's five "lands," the Summer season will be underway.

By day, Disneyland is a beehive of activity. The Disneyland Band marches up and down Main Street and presents concerts in shaded Magnolia Park. Another group, the Strawhatters, plays lively Dixieland tunes from the bandstand overlooking the Rivers of America in Frontierland. A Mexican trio, Hawaiian entertainers and the Main Street Saxophone Quartet perform.

But daytime is only half the "show" during the Summer at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Each evening from June 13 to Sept. 14, Disneyland presents the spectacular "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks display and Date Nite dancing entertainment, both provided free of charge for the enjoyment of nighttime visitors. During this Summer period Disneyland is open every day from 9:00 a.m. until Midnight, and until 1: 00 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights.

"Fantasy in the Sky," multi-colored bursts of fireworks, explodes over Disneyland each evening at 9:00 p.m. in a thrilling aerial show. This shower of color almost turns the mild Southern California evenings into daylight, and may be seen from anywhere in the Park.

Popular bands playing dance music to suit every taste highlight the nightly entertainment under the stars during the Summer months.

Each evening features a different type of musical and dancing entertainment, until 12 Midnight weekdays, and on weekends until 1: 00 a.m. There will be Western square dancing, polka and Rhinelander, and personality and talent nights each weekday evening. Friday and Saturday nights are special highlights, with three Date Nite bands performing.

In presenting these diversified attractions and special shows, with many things for every interest and every age, Disneyland continues to live up to its reputation as a place for people to have family fun together. In the words of Paul Speegle, columnist for the San Francisco Call Bulletin:

"The clear fact of the matter is that the moment you walk inside Disneyland's brightly-painted monument to childhood you check the nagging cares of the world and enter a land where everyone looks at everyone else through the joyful eyes of the young in heart. And don't look now — but the adults are bigger kids than the kids!"

From the Summer 1958 edition of Disneyland Holiday magazine, published by Disneyland.

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