Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Disneyland Band since 1950

Walt Disney loved music and he believed it had an important role to play in the experience at Disneyland park, so for opening day he hired a group of musicians to play band concerts in Town Square. He called the group the Disneyland Band. While the original run was only supposed to last two weeks, the band has performed for hundreds of millions of guests and the group is still playing 55 years later.

The Disneyland Band has logged more than 3,500 marching miles since opening day and has traveled to dozens of cities as a representative of the Resort.

The band performs annual music education concerts for 40,000 second graders at local schools from January through March every year. The 45-minute performances often include a visit from Mickey Mouse, as well as an introduction to musical instruments, musical styles and proper concert manners. An additional element of the program engages local high school students and gives them the opportunity to play on stage with the Disneyland Band. 

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